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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Where's a "Ladies Ring" when you want one?!!

Okay so I am applying to a freelance postion as product photographer for a small company and they have asked applicants to send 5 shots of these things :- Coathanger/bedside table/3 pairs of shoes/envelope/ladies ring. So far i've got everything bar the ring! Damn that ring! The idea is to make these some what boring things look presentable and make someone want to buy them, so i've done what i could with what i could find. After all i'm not Argos!ha!

Here are the four things I have so far, I've got till next week to sort the ring and photograph it.

This is one photograph honest, but i put two images of the coathanger in one becasue i felt it looked better.

Now all i need is to fill this space with a nice ring photograph!

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