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Monday, 13 September 2010


The first time I remember picking the camera up to take pictures simply for personal reasons and not snapping a holiday shot or anything, I went and photographed flowers in the garden. Now, I can't find those pictures just at the moment but I have over the years taken more flower and plant photographs, so I wanted to post some of them on here. As much as I love working in black and white, the colours when photographing plants and flowers is irresistible. Even if they are simply background colours, at times this is what makes the picture work. (in my view!)

"Splash" © James Thorne

"Bee" © James Thorne

"Pink" © James Thorne

"Zantedeschia" © James Thorne

"Rose" © James Thorne

"Chives" © James Thorne
The picture above is actually available at http://www.dottygallery.com/ if you liked it so much you thought "oooh I would like that picture, that would look lovely on my wall".

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