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Friday, 3 September 2010

Becca Thorne - The Illustrator of the family

Becca is my older sister and is a freelance lino-printing illustrator. You may well be thinking "lino-printing, hmm that sounds interesting" and you'd be right!! Takes a lot of skill and patience to be able to make a beautiful piece of art by cutting into lino, but Becca is able to produce something amazing everytime.
Here is just one that I love  
"Rapunzel" © Becca Thorne

Commissions come from all kinds of different places, from cd covers to magazines. And the work she produces is always unique and beautiful. You should definately check out her work on her website http://www.beccathorne.co.uk/ and she also has a blog on here aswell http://beccathorne.blogspot.com/ go look at that too, you know you've got the time! There are different pieces of work on both sites, and if you're interested in learning more about lino printing there is a little tutorial on her blog too. Ever the helper that one!

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