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Monday, 27 September 2010

Possibly not a safari

These photos are from last year when I visited Bristol Zoo but I have just recently looked at them again. They may not be the greatest photographs in the world but I think they are interesting. Now I loved visiting the zoo and I love seeing all the animals, always do. But you have to admit from the shots I got the "big boys" - the lion and gorilla, they don't look too excited and happy being there do they. And I'm not trying to make a statement or anything by posting this or posting my pictures. It would make me the biggest hypocrite going if i was because, like I said I enjoy going to the zoo and seeing all the animals there!! Anyway here are the pictures I got

Okay so maybe not an animal (?!?!?!) and maybe not taken by me but hey, i thought i'd post it anyway!


A beautiful, beautiful creature. Yet sad.

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