Highland Cow

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

chick didnt make it, he tried though

A friend had some eggs she was incubating hoping they'd hatch, sadly only one made it. A few were very close but couldnt make it through the shell. Seemingly a common occurance with chickens - sad of course but surely that's a bit of a design flaw? Anyway....as you will know i do find that photographing dead things does usually work out well, not only showing them off well but also provides a good interesting picture. So here you go -

All images Copyright © James Thorne

Personally my favourite and the one I think works the best is the middle one. Not in your face but not too subtle either.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Found But Not Forgotten

I know i've said this a couple of times but I found another picture or two........well actually that's a bit of a porky pie - I didnt find them or forget about them, they are just pictures that at the time, when i had finished any post production work I wasn't 100% that I liked them or that they looked any good. So those pictures got left, not deleted no no no, just left behind. Like a puppy at Christmas, or an elderly relative everyone's decided "meh" about, or the shirt you've bought in a panic just because you thought you needed one then got home and decided doesnt quite fit properly......ummmmm....
So yes this tiny collection is of pictures that at the time i didnt like but now i look at them again i think - "yeah there is something I quite like about that". They might not be amazing but they arent horrible to look at!

Copyright  © James Thorne

Copyright  © James Thorne

Copyright  © James Thorne

Copyright  © James Thorne

Copyright  © James Thorne
This one I actually do really like and hadn't put it to one side, I just don't think I've posted it and wanted to!!

"Windscreen Leaves"
Copyright  © James Thorne

"The Table's Water"
Copyright  © James Thorne
May have posted this already....my bad if i have!

"In The Trunk"
Copyright  © James Thorne
Another that I've always actually liked, but whenever I show it no one seems to like it. Makes sense I suppose as I could fully see what I was photographing as I went past, and someone else viewing this has no clue! 

Only Me

I've decided to make Dotty Gallery (http://www.dottygallery.com/) a showcase for just my work, for the time being. Michael Pinfold's work can still of course be seen on his website http://www.michaelpinfold.com/

Thursday, 10 March 2011


This is a picture I took as a present for my ex-girlfriends mum, so it's a Limited Edition 1 of 1. I hadn't shown off the image before for some reason, but here it is. It was a really tough picture to get because I was trying to get the Bluebells all in focus and the wind was really strong, so then decided to just let the movement happen throughout the entire picture. I think it turned out really well!  

Fatherly Portrait

The Big Thorne wanted a picture of him done for a New Age shop's website that he's recently got involved with for his Mandooka Massage business. So of course I was happy to take his picture -
Copyright © James Thorne

Bit of advertising for him aswell, this is a small quote taken from his leaflet descibing what to expect when you get a Mandooka Massage: -
"Mandooka Massage focuses on the client, the session itself, and the quality of touch: to achieve these, the pracitioner needs to be centred, grounded and fully present in the moment."

It's been a while (not the song)

I havn't been on here in aaaaaaaaaaaages, i know who i blame but i'll keep that to myself! *shaking my fist at them* But it's okay, i've been searching and applying high and low for work be it photography or just normal person work. Have only recently found positions working for galleries, so I was straight on applying for those! That is something I would love to do and need to do aswell for the future.

Also been looking again at photographer roles aboard cruise ships, when i finished college I was going to work as a photographer on a cruise ship and things didnt quite work out in the end, but now i have a few reservations about doing it.

Sending off pictures for open exhibitions and competitions too. They always have such far away deadlines don't they - I mean it's good when you need time to get the picture you want for it, but if you happen to already have a picture that you're content and happy with for that theme/brief then it's a long old wait!!