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Thursday, 10 March 2011

It's been a while (not the song)

I havn't been on here in aaaaaaaaaaaages, i know who i blame but i'll keep that to myself! *shaking my fist at them* But it's okay, i've been searching and applying high and low for work be it photography or just normal person work. Have only recently found positions working for galleries, so I was straight on applying for those! That is something I would love to do and need to do aswell for the future.

Also been looking again at photographer roles aboard cruise ships, when i finished college I was going to work as a photographer on a cruise ship and things didnt quite work out in the end, but now i have a few reservations about doing it.

Sending off pictures for open exhibitions and competitions too. They always have such far away deadlines don't they - I mean it's good when you need time to get the picture you want for it, but if you happen to already have a picture that you're content and happy with for that theme/brief then it's a long old wait!!

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