Highland Cow

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

KeyAgent Property Photography

So last friday - 15th July, I went and photographed a property For Sale in Hereford. The job was offered up by KeyAgent who paid by estate agents to commission freelance photographers, to photograph properties for their clients.....It's all a bit random if I'm completely honest, but i was sent along to this house to take photos. They give you a good handfull of rules and regulations on how the photo should be taken - height, lighting, etc. But i wasn't there to complain because they were paying, a bit of money.

So I did the work and have sent them the pictures, just waiting to get paid now. 

Beckford Fine Art

So I have signed up to show work in the Beckford Fine Art (http://www.beckfordfineart.co.uk/) Ludlow Castle Exhibition next year. Have to pay of course, but they do all the advertising, and marketing and setting up of the exhibition. And I get a stand which will be able to show a few full sized framed pictures, and a webpage with them showing off work too. I think it'll be good and a good little "investment"!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cornwall pictures

So here are a couple, literally, of pictures from my recent camping trip to cornwall. Not entirely convinced by them yet, but im sure they'll grow on me and i'll be happy with them enough to send them for stuff down the line!! That usually happens haha!

"Island in The Sea"

"Yellow View"
Pictures copyright © James Thorne
Also, the names will cange i think - especially the Yellow View one but i couldnt think of anything else while working on it and saving it so there you go!! And if you look veeeeery closely on that picture you can see a plane in the sky. It'll be like a Where's Wally!

Look at me ma, top of the world!!

Another addition to my Dead Animal series. This poor fellow was found just down the road from my house, i think he must have fallen out the tree because he seemed in perfect condition...apart from the deadness.

Copyright © James Thorne

Friday, 1 July 2011


My "Bunny" picture has been shortlisted out of 2,100 to enter the 2nd round of judging against 300 (i think) other artists for a place in the Cork Street Gallery Open Exhibition in London. Here's their website http://www.corkstreetopenexhibition.com/default.asp

Very exciting stuff!! Even more exciting if i get through haha!