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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

KeyAgent Property Photography

So last friday - 15th July, I went and photographed a property For Sale in Hereford. The job was offered up by KeyAgent who paid by estate agents to commission freelance photographers, to photograph properties for their clients.....It's all a bit random if I'm completely honest, but i was sent along to this house to take photos. They give you a good handfull of rules and regulations on how the photo should be taken - height, lighting, etc. But i wasn't there to complain because they were paying, a bit of money.

So I did the work and have sent them the pictures, just waiting to get paid now. 


  1. These guys are on to me to do them some work, how did it go? Regards, Marc.

  2. I'm interested too how they treat you. Please update this.

  3. I'm thinking to join them. Need advice. Opinions? Anyone?

  4. They called me late in 2016 after 3 1/2 years saying that if I didnt accept a price cut, they were probably going to go under

  5. I accepted and passed all their interviews, bought the extra equipment I needed and have had no jobs in 4 weeks. Was told this years busy period is unusually quiet. Disappointing so far

  6. A company that the whistle needs to be blown on.

    Worked for them as a photographer for a few years. Unpleasant working atmosphere with a culture of manipulation and bullying of freelances. The earnings potential quoted on their website is wildly unrealistic if you take any sort of pride in doing the job properly - As a system it incentivises those who rush and do bad work over those who actually do something of value to the client. Avoid.

  7. Their company accounts have been published on Companies House, and this year they have to disclose the dividends, meaning that can extrapolate the profits of the company. I won’t bother to do it here, but you can work it out by calculating the movement of the P&L reserve year on year, and then adding back the dividends paid out of it during the year.

    Its all there in the public domain:


    And this is the company that implemented a 25% pay cut on people who were already earning peanuts, because it claimed it was going "bust". Unbelievable.