Highland Cow

Monday, 6 September 2010


Today i thought I'd post some of the portraits I've done. And yeah there are a couple of animal pictures here but they still like to have their picture taken, they have feelings too!! I know I show the cow a lot but it has kind of become my "calling card picture" now and seems to be the most popular with folk, from just saying they really like him to being the image that is bought the most (http://www.dottygallery.com/theimages-page.html) See what i did there, working in that little plug, admit that was sneaky!

"Highland Cow" © James Thorne

"Horse Face" © James Thorne

"Dad & Sue" © James Thorne

"Mother" © James Thorne

"Eric Bolt" © James Thorne

"Jaime-Leigh" © James Thorne

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