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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Aluminium Printing

Aluminium printing is something that I'm offering for some of my pictures on Dotty Gallery. It's not archival - the "normal" prints I sell are archival of course but Aluminium are not. I have to make that clear you see because I would hate for someone to think aluminium printing is what they want and then 2/3 years down the line pictures have started fading.

But this is more of an interesting feature for the home or office, something that can be changed constantly perhaps. The images that really work well on aluminium are ones that have a lot of contrast or strong colours. Pictures like these below: -

"Garden Tap" © James Thorne

"Fantasy" © James Thorne

"Shallots" © James Thorne

"Rooster" © James Thorne

On http://www.dottygallery.com/aluminium-page.html it explains about the process but I won't go through all that now don't worry!!

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