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Monday, 23 August 2010

The Allotment Project

I went to college in Truro Cornwall, and when i finished I stayed living there for a while. My house was across from the allotments and I decided to photograph them, this then turned into a mini project photographing the other allotments around Truro. My aim was and in fact still is, to make these photographs into a small book showing life on the allotments. Publishers weren't very interested in the project because of the small scale and finances didn't allow for me to self publish, but one day I will make a small coffee table book of the pictures. And then be able to send Truro Council a copy because the allotment manager was very very helpfull!

Nancemere Allotment's © James Thorne

Chris Humphries © James Thorne

Snow - Sunflower © James Thorne

Sunflowers © James Thorne

Rose © James Thorne

"Garden Tap" © James Thorne

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