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Monday, 23 August 2010

A history lesson on me.....there won't be a quiz don't panic

The first movie I went to the cinema to see was Disney's The Jungle Book, you have to agree a fantastic place to start a love of all things movie-ness.

An all time classic, will never age!

 For years and years I thought I wanted to make movies, was sure of it, and when A Levels came along I was straight there signing up for Film & Video. But when it came to my final exam i made a film that was built up of all still images and told the story that way - i preferred this much more to the other films I had made throughout the course which had been all been normal moving images.

So I went to study Art and Design to get a BTEC Foundation in order to go off and study HND Photography at college. Doing this I really realised that photography was what i wanted to do and what i loved doing. 2 years and the course was finished and I achieved the HND and was ready to go out and be a professional photographer....pffft sure, no trouble!! Oh here are a couple of images from my final major project, the idea behind it is Contrasting Elements in Society: -

"Ghetto Croquet" © James Thorne

"Modern Ballet" © James Thorne

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