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Friday, 8 October 2010

Nom nom nom

These greedy fella's were having an "all you can eat" party on a plant in the garden over the summer. When i first spotted them all that day the leaves of the plant were still leaves but a few hours later it was just a massacre!! Poor leaf!

"Massacre" © James Thorne
Oh and it's only fair to say if you try to touch this certain type of caterpillar - they go for you!! I mean literally go for you, they could have a hand off. So, you've been warned.

I didn't actually get a picture of one of them trying to bite a finger off because there was no one else around to demonstrate and i couldn't take the picture while demonstrating it wouldn't have worked........FINE i was scared the caterpillar would chew my hand off and i would die, there you happy!

"Dinner" © James Thorne

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