Highland Cow

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Published and didn't even know!!!

So I got an email this morning from a very friendly woman in Croatia representing a photographic magazine called Blur. Here's what it is - "BLUR magazine is an international e-magazine dedicated to artistic photography which is currently read in around 170 countries all over the world. It is published quarterly in English and Croatian edition and it is completely free of charge."
She has been trying to email for a while now but I've not been getting them annoyingly. Apparently "Highland Cow" (i'm sure by now you know what that looks like hehe) was published in their magazine last year! So here is the link for the online magazine, you need to download it but it's free and doesn't take hardly any time, so please have a look through and see my little pic with my name by it (yaaay) in there http://www.blur-magazine.com/hr/blur-magazine-20/

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