Highland Cow

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Couple of new pictures for you

These were taken in the "goldmine" up the road from my house. I don't actually think there's gold in there, i mean it doesn't look very gold...more sort of brown and green, and desolate. I'm sure if there was gold there'd be more going on up there!!

But over the years it's become more and more eerie up there, the old train accessories being taken away so there's nothing much left but a big empty shed and train carriages. People are often dumping rubbish up there too, be it small amounts or loads - have come across a broken down old jeep left up there once. It has started to feel like the sort of woodland area that you see in a horror film where the inbred evil family take pleasure in stalking, hunting and torturing people. Maybe i should have someone holding my hand next time i go up there?!?!

Images are Copyright © James Thorne


  1. I love that second photo. What is it? it looks like a speed boat!

    It really was a goldmine (opened in 1906ish I think), it's just there wasn't really enough gold to make it worthwhile mining, so really it was a tin and iron mine.

    Check out this old photo of the gold miners. Great caption. http://www.forest-of-dean.net

  2. Sorry, bad link, i missed a bit off!