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Friday, 14 January 2011

Counterpoint and the Contrasting Element's in Society Project - way back when

I'm going through all my pictures and portfolio for a number of different reasons. To make sure i'm being as critical as i should be toward the work that is being shown and in my main portfolio/to build small consistent portfolios of images that could work together in exhibition form/so that work is ready as a whole to be sent of and shown to galleries and commitees when the time comes.

Doing this is i came across the images used for my final project at college, a project which stemmed from Counterpoint. Counterpoint is a term often used in music and defined (thanks to Wikipedia!) as - "the relationship between two or more voices that are independent in contour and rhythm and are harmonically interdependent". So basically sounds that are very different but work perfectly well when used together.

I decided to use this on things in society that perhaps shouldnt go together but actually look harmonious and not necessarily unusual when put together. Two of the pictures have already been posted at the very beginning of my blog, but I didnt fully go into and explain the project then.....

"Ghetto Croquet"

"W.I. Coffee Morning"

"Modern Ballet"

"Professional Shoe Shine"

"Vegetarian Butcher"

"Classical Punk"

All images are Copyright © James Thorne

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